Towering bites of binge: The biggest burgers in India!

Once upon a time, there were two buns. They felt lonely, and life seemed to be quite dry. They decided to meat and got all saucy. And voila! The burger was born. But the story doesn’t end there.

A bunch of crunchy green leaves thronged and pleaded, “Lettuce in too!” Along came tomatoes and onions, pick(l)ed from farms and chopped on boards. Then, the fries asked, “Can we be on board too?” As years went by, the chefs experimented and deleted, and created some of the wackiest combinations to satiate their quest for new dishes. From accidental amalgamations to tested mix-ups finding a place in the gourmet world, eateries and joints came up with their signature versions of patty and bun servings.

Today, there are classic takes with a contemporary hint, and there are some completely nouveau burgers that have made the cut. But what has made them visually stand out, has been their size and height. Minced meat discs and cream-loaded sauces layered together, climbing up to inches- few things in this world can be as satisfying as digging into a scrumptious, gigantic burger. TheVibe presents to you burgers that’d give the ultimate satisfaction to growling stomachs. So drool in, as we get to you the wildest burgers in India!

  1. The Burj Khalifa, by Chitchat Chai

Location: Kandivali, Mumbai

Price for two: Rs 550 (approx.)


Descending from the planet of cheese, the Burj Khalifa is an absolute mega marvel. With potatoes and cheese as the central elements, the burger is vegetarian gratification on a platter, complete with nuggets on its crest. It’ll probably take the appetite of an entire tribe to tackle the 40 cm tower, so make sure you take your friends along!

  1. The Upgraded Challenger Burger, by Deja Brew Café

Location: Angamaly, Kerala

Price for two: Rs 500 (approx.)


The Deja Brew Café is home to the tallest burger in India, scaling a whopping 35 cm! The gigantic delight, ideally meant to be devoured by 4-6 people, packs in a bag of distinct flavours. A stunning stack of grilled beef steak, coleslaw, patties, fresh veggies, chicken sausages, chicken ham, and homemade sauces topped with a layer of fried mozzarella between freshly baked buns make up the mammoth piece.

  1. The WTF, by The Burger Barn Café

Location: Pune, Maharashtra

Price for two: Rs 500 (approx.)


The WTF burger is a monstrous indulgence presented by the Burger Barn Café. Not for the faint-stomached, the burger weighs about 2 kg, and is comprised of six patties, slathered with sauces. If you ever feel hungry as a lion, you can slay this 12 inch beast at their burger + Oreo shake + ultimate fires challenge. You can choose between the vegetarian and non-vegetarian variants.

  1. The Godfather, by Howra Burger

Location: Bandra, Mumbai

Price for two: Rs 600 (approx.)


Served with a side of crispy fries, the Godfather looks like heaven on an axis. Spectacular, mouth-watering portions of thick patties and cheese slices lined alternatively rest between sesame topped hemispheres, with sauces sliding from the top like a waterfall. The 19 cm meal surprisingly doesn’t look messy like a junk, much unlike what one would picture a giant burger to be like.

  1. The Monster Burger By The American Connection Diner

Location: Kalkaji, South Delhi

Price for two: Rs 1500 (approx.)


With a knife thrusted into the burger, there’s no mistake in gauging The Chicken Bomber’s popularity. One can think of the divinely combination of minced chicken patty, onion rings, crunchy lettuce leaves, tomatoes, cheese slices and caramelised onions that’ll make even the food gods go crazy. Not to be missed in the 2.5 kilo monumental feast are truckloads of flavours making it one of the hallmark burgers of Delhi.

Which are some of the craziest burgers you’ve tried or would love to try? Let us know in the comments below!

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