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The #eclipse2017 was nothing less than a supernatural phenomenon that brought an entire nation together to celebrate. Photographers went through days of planning to find the right spot to shoot. TheVibe curates 10 jaw dropping pictures of the recently concluded solar eclipse that dawned upon the West World.

10) Michael Sidofsky

9) Bryam Minear

8) Ryan Robinson

7) San Marcos

Totality I was in Wyoming for the eclipse so this isn't San Marcos but I wanted to share it here anyway. I now understand why people travel all over the world to view total solar eclipses. This moment was the most surreal and amazing event I've ever witnesesed and watching it in the Teton Mountains added to the already overwhelming visual and emotional experience. At the moment of totality, day turned to night in a matter of seconds and a 360° sunset created a pink and orange ring around the mountains. A few stars appeared and the sun became a black hole engulfed in coronal fire. A little over two minutes later the day came back just as quickly as it had disappeared, as if watching a time-lapse. Afterward, as I sat in silence in the brightening day, I found myself suddenly unable to speak. In the darkness I'd been giddy and laughing in amazement. Now my vision blurred with tears as the full impact of what I'd just experienced overwhelmed me. I've photographed some amazing and beautiful scenes over the years but none have even come close to having the emotional impact of this one. The next total solar eclipse will be in 2024 and the path of totality will travel right through Central Texas. I'm looking forward to experiencing it again in the Hill Country. Many thanks to @coachlunz and @ilovefletcher for your hospitality and tips on where to catch it.

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6) Bonny

Here's a composite of the whole event. Black Hills Eclipse – Needles #eclipse #eclipse2017

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5) Erik Sanders

Best monday ever. 🌚 with @__saph

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4) Bret Osswald

After using my telephoto lens for most the shots up until 91-95% eclipse I grabbed my wide angle to capture two shots(one of the lake reflection and another of the sky)that I merged together with @photoshop It did get pretty dark out but not quite like totality! Here was my private viewing spot high up in the Uintas! #SolarEclipse _____________________________ #solareclipse2017 #nikonlove #landscapephotography #getoutstayout #rei1440project #NatGeoSpace #mtn2cty #greettheoutdoors #getoutside @amazing_longexpo @night_shooterz @fantastic_universe @universetoday @tentdiaries #nikonnofilter #yourshotphotographer #visitutah #goneoutdoors #artofvisuals #discovernature @matadornetwork @rei @wildernesssociety #usinterior @beautifuldestinations #earthofficial @majestic_earth_ @streetdreamsmag #nikonusa @wonderful_places #welivetoexplore #wonderful_places #campingcollective #majestic_earth @theglobewanderer #theglobewanderer @nightphotography @global_hotshotz @hubs_united @landscapephotomag @sky_brilliance #camp4pix @wowutah @longexposure_shots @werutah @longexpoelite @outside_project @outdoorproject #outdoorproject @creativelive @igsouthwest #natgeo #natgeocreative @agameoftones @artofvisuals @mypubliclands #totaleclipse #visitutah #utahisrad

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3) Sapna Reddy

Terrestrial Wanted to generate a unique perspective of the black dot. So I asked my dear friend @sdondero to scout out a dramatic foreground in the mountains of Idaho. After several days of scouting Steve found this little alpine lake with strange submerged Tufa type formations that would line up perfectly with the sun during totality. On the day of the eclipse we hiked up the steep mountain side. Steve as usual with the grace of a speeding gazelle and me lumbering behind wheezing like an asthmatic hippo. When we reached the place we realized there was no one around for miles. This image has been generated with a multiple exposure blend. Both foreground with wide angle and the sun with tele were shot through the eclipse. The exposures have been blended to show some of the drama we experienced with clouds, Steve playing with his lens ball and ofcourse the sun and the moon doing their thing. Hope you enjoy this rendition and please do checkout @sdondero #usinterior #beautifuldestinations #exploreeverything #solareclipse#zamanidurdur #usaprimeshot #awesome_earthpix #hubs_united #exploreeverything#world_shotz #world_bestsky #amazing_shots #worldcaptures #splendid_earthpix #splendid_shotz #global_hotshotz #framejunkies #worldphotographyart #natgeo #lpfanphoto#superhubs #waycoolshots #splendid_earth#bestnatureshots #earthoutdoors

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2) Our Camp Life Co.

1) Babak Tafreshi

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