TheVibe’s Lockdown Music Roundup


The nationwide lockdown announced on the 24th of March, 2020, in the face of the Novel Coronavirus outbreak has seen millions of Indians locked away at home for almost two months. This period of stillness has seen amateur cooks turned chefs, fitness enthusiasts in the guise of personal trainers, and millions upon millions of Indians […]

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Seasonal Affected Beats: An Experiment in Vulnerability with Tarun Balani


In the year 2016, an apocalyptic smog engulfed our nation’s capital city. All around, people took to the streets clad in protective masks, while others, too afraid to venture outside, stayed shut in and stared out of their windows at the gloom which had all but smothered the city. Celebrated jazz drummer and composer, Tarun […]

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Raaja Beats: In Conversation with MALFNKTION & RAKA


The current socio-political climate has seen the citizens of the world locking their doors to the outside in the face of the Covid-19 pandemic. An unlikely side effect of this self-enforced isolation has been the wave of creative collaborations and projects undertaken by our nation’s artists and thinkers, who are using this period of stillness […]

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MADNESS JAMS PRESENTS: LIFAFA AND TIENAS  Alaia Singh On Saturday, 13th July, Madness Jams, gathered an intimate crowd on the fourth floor at WeWork BKC, a co- working space. Madness Jams is known to showcase artists through these personal settings and create quality digital content for unique talent.  As the crowd trickled in, the big […]

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