Sneak peek into Will’s Backpack.


  • The RED Epic Dragon (camera) is my work horse. It has everything I need in a camera, including 6k, high frame rates, beautiful color and dynamic range… It can be a little heavy, but so worth it.
  •  I use EF lenses and normally have a 24-70mm and 70-200mm in the bag a the very least. For mountain shoots, or projects where I might be far away from my subject, I’ll be sure to throw in a doubler, which is a light weight option for extend your optics.
  •  Lot’s and lot’s of batteries and SSD cards are essential when you are out in the field. The last thing I want to do is slow down or stop production because I can no longer capture footage.


  •  A good, lightweight tripod. There is nothing worse than a shaky camera operator.
  •  A drone. Although I think they are overused these days, they are still an essential part of the kit. Aerials are a great way to establish locations or bring a unique perspective… Just don’t over rely on them, or risk falling into the boring drone montage world.
  •  A good microphone and lapel mics… Don’t forget the audio!
  •  Cleaning kit. In the field, cameras are dust collectors! There is nothing worse than having a great shot ruined by spec of dust on the lens or sensor. Be diligent!
  •  Shove it all into a good, comfortable bag. I use F-Stop. They are durable, semi-waterproof, and quick.
  • Obviously each shoot is different and requires a different gear list, but the above list is my bottom line. The main thing is, make sure you spend time and get comfortable with your equipment before you go out and start shooting. The best camera in the hands of someone who doesn’t know how to use it is worthless.

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