Nature has been a prime subject for photographers, in its abundance of colors, shapes and patterns. With its rich diversity of flora and fauna, the Indian subcontinent houses rare species of animals and plants that attract wildlife photographers from across the globe. In an attempt to freeze hunting patterns, habitats, migration and animal behavior in […]

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Next-Door Paradise – GALLE


“The world is a book. Those who don’t travel read only one page.” Ever experienced something that has had you completely spellbound & transported you to an unknown ephemeral tranquility? Ever been so content with the horizon that it fulfills every desire for beauty? Ever been to Sri Lanka? If not, it is a paradise, […]

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Travel Filmmaking on the rise


Here are TheVibe‘s list of upcoming travel film makers who will inspire you to take a vacation this long weekend. 1) Send it Upwards by The Standard Images Co.: 2) Mangalore Day & Night by Luke Sydney: 3) A Paradise called Pollachi by Studio A: 4) The Winter Wonderland by Spiti Holiday Adventure: 5) God’s Own Country by The QuadCam Bros: […]

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Visual Postcard


Moving Images by TheVibe are surreal montages that serve as visual postcards for featured themes and destination. This week we cover Jharkhand, an unexplored land of waterfalls, culture, adventures, flora, fauna and the prefect weather. Watch the video here; Check out other videos from Moving Images | TheVibe Visuals ; Contribute with your Vibe: Help us discover […]

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“The gladdest moment in human life, I think, is a departure into unknown lands.” Sir Richard Burton Routine. Waking up to complete the basic drill – your morning coffee, office, finishing a day’s work. Repeat. Many of us are so entwined in the responsibilities of the routine, that we forget to feed the soul and […]

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What happens when a bio technologist, an engineer and an architect get together? They form one of the coolest rock bands in India. Skrat. Formed fresh out of high school, band members Sriram, Tapas and Jhanu have come a long way in cultivating and performing in the indie music scene. Having done major gigs such […]

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Known for its raw beauty, wild terrain and high altitude, the 550-kilometre route from Manali to Khardung La attracts adventure seekers from across the globe. A popular path for cyclists, many riders attempt the journey to what is believed to be the highest motorable road in the world, through cold temperatures, winding slopes and beautiful […]

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Adventure Beyond Barriers


‘None so deaf as those that will not hear. None so blind as those that will not see.’                                                                                                                            – Matthew Henry In the chaos of our meticulously packed schedules, most of us yearn for moments of inspiration, peace and adventure. Constantly occupied in mundane procedures, emotional commitments, social favors and tireless thoughts, we fail […]

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Cruise Culture


The enormous sea, the breathtaking marine world, the hues of the horizon- they never fail to leave an impact on one’s mind. With the vast coastline of India stretching along three seas, there is no dearth of cruising options if one wishes to spend their time amidst the infinite blue sea. Cruising not only redefines […]

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Land of the Lamas


Nestled at the foothills of the Great Himalayas, Ladakh is a traveler’s paradise. With an eclectic mix of geographic abundance, people from all backgrounds and endless opportunities for adventure, it is a jewel on the crown of India. From the aqua blue waters of the Pangong lake, the serenity of the Lamayuru monastery and the […]

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