Here’s How to Get Your Culture Fix During Covid-19 Shutdown


While the coronavirus pandemic has stopped normal life dead in its tracks all over the world, and forced us all indoors, a whole host of online events, classes, virtual travel experiences and museums have opened up a treasure trove of escapes to keep up with the best of quarantine lifestyles. These are just a few […]

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Food Delivery Services and COVID-19: Everything You Need to Know


The outbreak of the Novel Coronavirus has taken the world by storm, sparking major concerns amongst consumers and citizens of the world. Being a new disease, there is still much research to be conducted into its transmission, and its ability to survive on a variety of surfaces. Amid all of the uncertainty surrounding the disease, […]

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Trailblazers: Trail Running in India

The Indian sub-continent boasts diverse, varied and often opposing geological conditions. From the snowy mountains of the North to the deserts of the West, from the forested South to the coastal beaches that surround us, India is a cornucopia of natural pleasures. In this nation of plenty, a movement is born. A community of explorers, […]

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Isolated Trekking in the Age of Coronavirus

As fears concerning the rapid spread of the infectious Covid-19 virus are on the rise globally, more and more people are shutting their doors to the outside world to contain the disease. With a majority of the world’s population in self-isolation and quarantine, people are scrambling for ways to keep themselves going. From Netflix binges […]

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Isolation and Resistance: Art in the Age of Quarantine

    The era of fear and panic is nigh, and art may be our only salvation. The recent announcement of Covid-19 as a global pandemic has taken the world by storm. As the panic spreads, citizens all over the globe have locked their doors and shut themselves in, bracing for a long, uncertain period […]

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In the golden age of content creation, video too is getting redefined. From broadcast to digital, the canvas has never been this exciting for both short and long-form video content. Meet the talented, young DPs (Director of Photography) who are defining niches with their prolific craftsmanship and visual storytelling. ADITYA VARMA Fav Format: Films/ Music Videos […]

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Local Indian Liquors That Offer A Uniquely Desi Kick!

The adventurous traveler takes pride in the exploration of the unknown. From exotic locations in unpronounceable parts of the world to curious and disarmingly delightful local cuisine, the avid traveler has tried it all. So why should alcohol be any different? From the Soma of the Gods to Lord Shiva’s elixir of choice, India’s love […]

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Brazilian Street Art – A Photoessay by Ankita Kumar of Monkey Inc.

Art is a mirror to society, reflective of the culture of the times in which we live. A form of expression that makes no distinction between age, religion, gender, caste or ethnicity, history has played witness to a multitude of artists from across the board, taking to the streets and turning their cities and towns […]

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The Mark of Excellence: The History and Legacy of the Michelin Star

The most coveted of laurels for chefs and restaurants alike, the Michelin Star is a mark of excellence recognised world-over. The hallmark for fine dining, when restaurants are awarded one Michelin star, it is a sign that the chef is one who has succeeded at the highest level. Two stars, and the restaurant is probably […]

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