Adventure Beyond Barriers


‘None so deaf as those that will not hear. None so blind as those that will not see.’                                                                                                                            – Matthew Henry In the chaos of our meticulously packed schedules, most of us yearn for moments of inspiration, peace and adventure. Constantly occupied in mundane procedures, emotional commitments, social favors and tireless thoughts, we fail […]

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Cruise Culture


The enormous sea, the breathtaking marine world, the hues of the horizon- they never fail to leave an impact on one’s mind. With the vast coastline of India stretching along three seas, there is no dearth of cruising options if one wishes to spend their time amidst the infinite blue sea. Cruising not only redefines […]

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Land of the Lamas


Nestled at the foothills of the Great Himalayas, Ladakh is a traveler’s paradise. With an eclectic mix of geographic abundance, people from all backgrounds and endless opportunities for adventure, it is a jewel on the crown of India. From the aqua blue waters of the Pangong lake, the serenity of the Lamayuru monastery and the […]

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Glamping in India


Camping has got a glamorous upgrade and is now referred to as Glamping. There are various luxury camps all over India covering various destinations and festivals. These super luxury camps introduce the millenial traveller to exceptional locations in the mountains, deserts and jungles. Experience India’s dramatic landscapes in one of the following destinations; 1. Thiskey, Ladakh […]

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Remembering MJ on his birthday


Amidst all the controversies he was surrounded by, MJ still undoubtedly was the king of pop and a legend to an entire generation. If he were alive today he would be celebrating his 59th birthday. Here’s reminiscing some of his best tracks. Contribute with your Vibe: Help us discover new stories! If you have a story […]

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In the constant tradeoff between adventure and luxury, campers who aren’t necessarily looking to rough it out on jungle beds or mountaintops often have limited travel options. They are seekers of equilibrium between recreation and rejuvenation, luxury and wilderness. A quick escape into the untapped wilderness without preparation or equipment is their ideal vacation. And […]

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The 3 types of travellers that visit Hampi


This week on #TheVibeCurates we show you the type of travellers Hampi would appeal to through these videos. Adventurer : Free spirited :  Average Tourist : Contribute with your Vibe: Help us discover new stories! If you have a story you wish to share, or know anyone who does, reach out to us at

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Eclipse Ready


The #eclipse2017 was nothing less than a supernatural phenomenon that brought an entire nation together to celebrate. Photographers went through days of planning to find the right spot to shoot. TheVibe curates 10 jaw dropping pictures of the recently concluded solar eclipse that dawned upon the West World. 10) Michael Sidofsky I just captured the total eclipse […]

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Hippies in Hampi


‘Hippie’ in the urban dictionary is defined as a person who is typically young, believes in peace, is opposed to many of the accepted ideas about how to live, has long hair, and often lives in groups and does nothing. Have you ever been on a holiday and done nothing? If you haven’t, Hampi is the place to be. Hop onto a boat for Rs.20 at Hampi and reach […]

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Freedom at Seas – Commander Abhilash Tomy


An Independence Day Story. “The man who goes alone can start today; but he who travels with another must wait till that other is ready.” Henry David Thoreau Most of us, at some point in life have wanted to be Tintin, or Gulliver or some character from a fiction novel exploring unchartered worlds, lost in […]

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