The Kalizma: Luxury in the Sea


What is the first thing that comes to mind when you hear the word ‘luxury’? To some, it is as simple as watching a sunset while waves lap gently at their feet. Others prefer the weight of a finely crafted watch perched upon their wrists. Hard to define, isn’t it? On top of this, objects […]

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Way Back Home Playlist


The grand Himalayas stand with confidence and pride. There is nothing to hide. The peaks wear gowns made of snow and pines. They stand next to each other looking and wondering how minuscule everything around them is. The magnificence of the mountains makes you wonder how powerful Mother Nature can be. But, once you’re surrounded […]

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Way Back Home ~ Not just a Himalayan Travelogue!


As a Himachali boy, hailing from a little known village of Tholong in Lahaul Valley, who was born and raised in Manali, and completed his High School in Mussoorie – the presence of the mountains in my childhood and nascent adulthood, though powerful, was plagued with a constant sense of abandonment and change! After school, […]

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Not Until You Catch That Horizon


There are undoubtedly a lot of upsides to long distance biking journeys. Unexplored roads and unforgettable vistas can give birth to unyielding memories. But not everything on the road is smiles and sunshine. Every good traveller knows this. They know that great journeys come at a cost, and not all of it financial. You may […]

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Send It Upwards: Highlights of the Journey

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This week, TheVibe continues its interview with The Standard Images Co. about their journey through the Himalayas. Over the course of 43 days, they travelled across magical landscapes that many have seen, but few have saved for posterity. Thus, Send It Upwards was born – a comprehensive, visual motorcycle documentary determined to record the beauty […]

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Moms who kick-ass!


We at TheVibe chronicle & celebrate lifestyle pioneers who lead lives differently and are an inspiration to others. Breaking traditional grounds time and again we bring to the forefront authentic voices who challenge and put to perspective our changing contemporary times breaking the monotony of our otherwise confined society. Today being Mother’s Day, we decided […]

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For the Journey is Long, and the Roads are Winding


You’ve seen the postcards. You’ve had a taste of The Standard Images Co.’s brilliance, and now you’re thinking about what it took to craft such visually striking stories. Well, it doesn’t come easy. Luckily for you, TheVibe was on hand to ask Arjun, Nishant and Ravikiran about what they needed to prepare to translate their […]

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Mumbai Underwater Festival


All life comes from the Ocean, there is no denying this fact. It was when the first fish grew a pair of legs and started talking, so to speak, that evolution took a turn. While some animals completed the circle by going from ocean to land, back into the ocean again – human beings decided […]

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Send It,Upwards


Draped across the shoulders of our nation lie the Himalayas. Born when tectonic plates collided with each other millions of years ago, the Himalayas have always been the object of fascination. Home to some incredibly unique cultures and landscapes, they remain our sentinels to the north, acting as a natural border to the Indian subcontinent. […]

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The Jammin Global Playlist


You’re out on the road. Miles of it stretches before you. Time has begun to lose all meaning. Maybe you’re lost, or perhaps, you have nowhere to go. You’re adrift in a sea of landscapes, but as beautiful as they are, something still doesn’t sit right. You’re not at peace, but you aren’t ill at […]

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