NUKA’s 2018 Monsoon Playlist


NUKA’s 2018 Monsoon Playlist

TheVibe Editorial

As the heat wave gives way to the cool monsoon showers here in India, we get you an exclusive pick of music tracks curated by our Artiste In Spotlight — NUKA aka “Anushka Manchanda” to get you in the mood for some “Monsoon Vibes.” Tune In!

Like What by Tennyson
Genre: Instrumental

Asleep (Bwoy De Bhajan Remix) by Rum Pistol
Genre: Electronica/ Down-Tempo

Seeing Things by Desert Dwellers 
Genre: Electronica

Tear Drop by Massive Attack
Genre: Down Tempo

Kasvonpiirteet by Raappana
Genre: Reggae

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