Alaia Singh

On Saturday, 13th July, Madness Jams, gathered an intimate crowd on the fourth floor at WeWork BKC, a co- working space. Madness Jams is known to showcase artists through these personal settings and create quality digital content for unique talent.  As the crowd trickled in, the big glass windows and soft lighting, allowed for the perfect intimate setting.

photo courtesy- madness jams

Tanmay Saxena, aka Tienas, the opening act  for Lifafa, had the crowd glued around the stage as he performed his newest album ‘O’. He was joined by his independent hip hop collective, FTS, and together, they boosted the energy in the room.

Lifafa embraced the grooving crowd, mic in one hand – dressed in his characteristic black kurta. The audience swooned over his every performance and his unique baritone voice induced a dream like nostalgia. As he sang Nikhamba, heads bobbed, and the crowd instinctively tapped their feet, and yelled along, ‘dheere dheere dheere aayenge ruk mat jaanam hum bhi tere saath hawa lenge.’

photo courtesy- madness jams

In Conversation with Tienas

What are some Indian artists that inspire you?

Prabh Deep, Seedhe Maut, pretty much all the boys at Azaadi


Why  do your fan’s also refer to you as Bobby Boucher ?

Eminem had slim shady, Logic had Young Sinatra ..all these rappers had their alter egos.One day I was taking a shit after watching Waterboy starring Adam Sandler who played Bobby  Boucher in the movie. I liked the character a lot and during my long ass hit me, Bobby Boucher is my alter ego. He stutters, I stutter, he’s a mama’s boy and so am I, and when he gets angry he plays really good, a lot like me in my early days.. When I would get angry I would rap really good. 

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