Land of the Lamas


Nestled at the foothills of the Great Himalayas, Ladakh is a traveler’s paradise. With an eclectic mix of geographic abundance, people from all backgrounds and endless opportunities for adventure, it is a jewel on the crown of India. From the aqua blue waters of the Pangong lake, the serenity of the Lamayuru monastery and the earthy lifestyle in Leh, Ladakh attracts seekers and travellers, intellectuals and the adventurous, the enlightened and the lost. Not only does it provide the opportunity to meet people from all over the world, but also to live in the hospitality of the locals and the ambience of harmony.

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Woven into the religious fabric of Ladakh are the principles of Buddhism, underscoring the principles of harmony, peace and truth. Added to this, ladakhi’s believe in enjoying life, often playing sports such as archery and polo, ultimately built on the foundations of culture, tradition and spirituality. The people revel in celebrations of festivals and village carnivals and are welcoming of tourists to partake in the festivities- you will always be greeted by a ‘Julley’ and a friendly smile.

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Because of its natural beauty, range of mountains, rivers and natural terrain, Ladakh attracts thrill seekers for mountain biking, river rafting and trekking. Thiksey is a hotspot for glamping due to habitable natural terrains and changing landscapes and welcomes campers all year round. While the Khardungla pass, magnetic hill and Shanti Stupa are must-see wonders, Ladakh is best explored in the small villages, urban cafes and monasteries. Popular for yoga retreats and meditation camps, it is a haven for spiritual seekers and prayers are centric to the life of the local people. Intrinsic to its nature is good food, butter tea and interesting people, with scenic views and beautiful architecture.

A perfect setup for a vacation, Ladakh offers the possibilities of exploring myriad and diverse interests, making new friends and often, finding yourself.

Images by : Daryl Fernandes

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