Isolation and Resistance: Art in the Age of Quarantine



The era of fear and panic is nigh, and art may be our only salvation.

Credit: Laura Makaltses -@laura_alien_princess
The World March 2020 by Laura Makaltses – @laura_alien_princess

The recent announcement of Covid-19 as a global pandemic has taken the world by storm. As the panic spreads, citizens all over the globe have locked their doors and shut themselves in, bracing for a long, uncertain period of self-isolation and quarantine as the spread of the deadly virus grips countries as a whole. Schools, theatres, public spaces, restaurants and workplaces stand abandoned, while people don masks and gloves in the safety of their own homes. This is a time of widespread panic and separation, but amidst the chaos, the human spirit abounds. From reports of citizens taking to their balconies to serenade each other in Italy, to countless charities providing santisers, masks and toilet paper to those in need, humanity has once again proven that its spirit will not be quelled that easy. While some have tucked in for an elongated period of Netflix binges and much-needed reading time, creatives from across the world have taken to their mediums as an outlet for their emotions.

This era of quarantine has transformed into one of self-expression, with artists taking to the internet to share positive, uplifting, moving and even warning images of their art, inspired and fueled by the current climate. TheVibe celebrates these artists, and their art, with a homage dedicated to the creators who create, despite these challenging times.

From memes to murals, from nail art to sculptures, check out incredible art inspired by Covid-19!

Love in 2020 by @giuliajrosa

Love in 2020 by @giuliajrosa

Illustrator Giulia Rosa who has amassed a massive Instagram fan following with her compositions and artistic takes on popular youth culture composes this illustration of love in 2020, which soon became the inspiration of many similar illustrations.


















Artist Operadaltro shows a weeping Mona Lisa in testament to the times we live in. With poignant reinterpretations of the classical works of art, artist Operadaltro introduces Vermeer’s famous ‘Girl with a Pearl Earring,” ‘The Kiss’ by Gustav Klimt and Freida Kahlo, with face masks.


















































This piece, entitled ‘Please everyone, self insolate yourself as much as possible’ depicts domestic animals donning protective masks, a common feature of art in the age of Covid-19.

Credit: @martayaraza-@yarza_twins
Credit: @martayarza@yarza_twins

Concept Artist and illustrator Medha Srivastava produces this insightful art with a message to remember not to panic in these stressful times. Instead, compassion could be the much needed antidote to the uncertainities of these times.


‘Caution Not Overreaction’ by

This piece by artist @kivbui is a visual representation of the sentiment – “It should never be about discrimination, Xenophobia, nor Racism.”

Credit: @kivbui

Credit: @kivbui

With #WashYourHands becoming the go-to call to action of the season, artist Anna Roditi dedicated this piece to all those who have deceased, and those who live in the fear of the virus. It also payed a homage to those experiencing discrimination and racism during this time.

Credit: @anna_roditi
Credit: @anna_roditi

This piece, by artist @rana_babu_ comes with a powerful message. “Together we are powerful, containment starts with us. Our greatest enemy right now the coronavirus itself; its fears, rumours and stigma itself. Our greatest assets are facts, reason and solidarity.”

Credit: @rana_babu
Credit: @rana_babu_

This psychedelic visual by artist @tina_artworks is a trippy take on the global pandemic.

'Trippy Corona" by @tina_artworks
‘Trippy Corona” by @tina_artworks

Artist @bob_krustykrab humorously illustrates Union Minister of State Ramdas Athawale’s measures against the spread of the disease. Ramdas’ antics became the raging inspiration behind memes and spoof tracks that tried to spread musical PSAs on the pandemic.

Credit: @bob_krustykrab

Credit: @bob_krustykrab

Bulgarian artist @nebesen_ depicts the panic and tension surrounding the pandemic with his moving work. Meanwhile, artist Tina Sulejmani made this trippy acrylic on canvas titled ‘Trippy Artwork” in the age of quarentine.

'Trippy Corona" by @tina_artworks
‘Trippy Corona” by @tina_artworks

While most remain isolated in quarantine, there are some artists that are braving the odds by stepping out to express their inner frustration, using their cities as a canvas. These murals by artists @alanizart, @w3sr and are evidence of such bravery.

"Media scares me more than Corona“ by  @alanizart and @w3sr

“Media scares me more than Corona“ by  @alanizart and @w3sr

The piece “Media scares me more than Corona“ by  @alanizart and @w3sr depicts a person afloat, clad in a makeshift hazmat suit consisting of gloves and a face-mask, wearing a worried expression on their face as they read news reports on their phones.

‘Close-up’ by

The piece Close-up by artist is a depiction of passion amidst the fear and uncertainty of the Covid-19 pandemic.

While artists from around the world turn to their mediums, the internet turns to their memes. Check out some of these Covid-inspired memes that are sure to lift your spirits!

Meanwhile, Indian Memers have once again proved their mettle with these memes that illustrate the effects of Covid-19 on the average Indian.

While global tensions are on the rise and humanity is gripped by widespread panic, TheVibe implores you all to stay safe, and take the necessary precautions to ensure this disease is effectively contained.

To quote the wise words of the ever-eloquent Union Minister Ramdas Athawale: Go Carona, Carona go!


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