As the year ends, we look back and celebrate the places, emotions, people and cultures we experienced. Here is our pick of the top 10 campaigns #TheVibe put out in #2017.

1) Sailing The Kalizma:

We set sail on The Kalizma, the oldest sailing luxury yatch and explore the Seychelles via the lens of watermen Paloma Monnappa and Emanuel Abeyewardene in our original feature Sailing The Kalizma.

2) Andaman Islands | Drones Eye | TheVibe Visuals :

Drone’s Eye is a short format video segment which introduces some of the most beautiful aerial sights of featured destinations as captured by Drone.

Experience the pristine Andaman Islands and witness their breathtaking beauty as seen from up in the air.

3) Send It Upwards | Trailer :

When 4 boys from Chennai, India decided to answer their call to adventure and went on a motorcycle odyssey which was filmed independently – presenting to you the trailer of – Send It Upwards.

4) New Wave | Camp Namaloha | TheVibe Originals :

This year we launched NewWave, a continuing dialogue on the rising surf culture in the country. Watch Episode 1 – Camp Namaloha.

5) Cruising Legends | TheVibe Originals :

For some it’s the burning smell of asphalt under their feet as the engine’s roar tears through the roads ahead. For some it’s the challenge, the breaker of chains, the harbinger of hope, their chariots of change. For some its their humble compass, their escape into the wilderness they call home. While for some its for what lies ahead, the ever unwinding journey of what’s to come. Of what’s to bring in, stories and scars of journeys etched onto memories to inspire a generation. 4 Riders, 4 Legends. Come, relive these legends in our latest original series in association with Castrol power 1 cruise – Cruising Legends.

6) Leh, Ladakh | Moving Images | TheVibe Visuals :

We introduced our ambient format called #MovingImages in 2016. This curated video by Daryl Fernandes and Abhishek Kini is visual story telling at its best.

7) Adventures Beyond Barriers | TheVibe Collabs :

Will is key to conquer a feat, we salute the will of these abled and differently abled folks who took it upon themselves to take Adventures beyond Barriers and cycled their way in thin air from Manali to Khardung La.

8) Galle | Moving Images | TheVibe Visuals :

Birds Eye view of the colours, textures and sensations of our next door paradise – Galle, Sri Lanka.

9) Rushes | TheVibe Originals :

This year we launched #Rushes: An adventure lifestyle series profiling lifestyle athletes who live on the edge & perform feats to always #FeelTrue to their respective Rush. This feeds their souls and keeps their alter egos at rest! In Episode-1: Venom- we feature downhill MTB rider Vinay Menon who does what he loves, finding hills and trails wherever he goes.

10) Tata Boom Boom | Commute | TheVibe Originals :

Commute is something we do daily and almost take for granted. If you have ever shared a relationship with a machine you commute on passionately then you already know what we are talking about. TheVibe that comes along with your machine, is almost an extension of your personality in many ways. Here’s a new series #Commute exploring relationships with man & his machine.

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