Expert Pick: Seven Films You Have Got To Watch.


In filtering the best content out there, TheVibe presents expert filmmaker Will Lascelles’s top recommendations for adventure films.

1. Into The Mind – Sherpas Cinema

Into the mind is the story of rising to the ultimate challenge. It is a look into the mind of a common skier attempting to climb and ski the ultimate mountain. The film blurs lines between a dream like state and reality. By journeying the courage to risk fatal exposure, the movie goes beyond physical feats by showing true mental conquest.

Runtime: 1h 25m

2. Ruin and Rose – Ben Sturgulewski

Ruin and Rose is based on a surreal future that leaves the world without any water, wherein it is consumed by sand and called the big empty. When a young boy discovers an ancient relic, which talks of the wonder of winter, he sets off in search of the ghosts that once called the mountains their home. What follows is stunning cinematography intertwined with the heart-warming story of a young boy’s journey to find the world he believes in. It is no ordinary ski film, pushing both thematic and technical elements to a new high.

Runtime: 1h 7m

3. Denali- Felt Soul Media

Denali is a short film about a photographer called Ben Moon, his fight against cancer and his dog, Denali. It honours a dog that helped a man get through the worst time in his life. The narration of the film is from Denali’s point of view, talking about his own old age and Ben’s battle with cancer. It is a touching film and unlike the normal adventure films that Felt Soul Media does. However, it is more of a personal project, heart-warming and sentimental in the best way.

Runtime: 7m 46sec

4. Meru – Jimmy Chin /  Renan Ozturk

Meru is a film about perseverance that best captures the PTSD of high-level climbing. It offers a rare glimpse into the psychological torment of climbers insistent on pushing themselves to their physical limit. Jimmy Chin, Renan Ozturk and Conrad Anker fail multiple times trying to summit the ‘shark’s fin’, a peak on Meru which the Buddhists believe to be the centre of the world. Each time that they fail, they get back up and try again, battling adversities along the way. This movie is an exceptional example of mind over matter.

Runtime: 1hr 30m

5. Afterglow – Sweetgrass Productions

‘Afterglow’ is a film shot entirely at night wherein it literally glows in the dark. The first ever film of its genre, Afterglow was shot with LED studded jumpsuits worn by the skiers with huge colourful lights. Given the difficulties of an adventure film, the film exceeds expectations through its stunning imagery. If you want a film out of the ordinary, Afterglow is for you.

Runtime: 10 m

6. All I Can – Sherpas Cinema

All I can explores the challenges of big mountain skiing along with the detrimental impact of climate change. The film is shot on 6 different continents, journeying through Morocco’s majestic desert peaks all the way to the Alaskan spine walls. With inspirational performances from some of the world’s best skiers, ‘All I Can’ goes beyond just an adventure film. It underscores the need for a unifying global action to save the mountains, to save the earth.

Runtime: 1h 16m

7. UnReal – Teton Gravity Research

‘UnReal’ is a story of escapism. The filmmakers illustrate a break from the mundane lives of people who are stuck in boring jobs, dealing with people and stuck in a vicious cycle. Their salvation is found outside, in the mountains, on their bikes. The cinematography of this movie is mind- blowing, making it visually aesthetic. This film is for the dreamers; for those of us who want an escape out of the ordinary and into an almost dream like world.

Runtime: 47m 46sec

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