Coming Up in 2018

Here are our list of Originals you need to look out for in the new year;


Rushes :


Rushes – An Adventure lifestyle series from the homeland that trails Indian pioneers  in an experiential walkthrough of some of the most groundbreaking performances.



Building, Antenna, Span, Earth – 4 base jumpers taking off from these 4 terrains – deconstructing BASE jumping.


Myths of the Seven Sisters – Away From Home :


Away From Home | Chapter III, brings you a surreal travel series, showing the beauty of the North East.

Wanderlust :


Wanderlust takes you  trekking expeditions at some of the most picturesque trails within the reach of urban Indian travellers.

Music and Culture

Festival Flow – Magnetic Fields :


Goes on to explore the new age religion of music and culture in festivals which are both domestic and international and  celebrate the contemporary arts. We begin this with  Magnetic Fields – in Alsisar Rajasthan.



GIGS introduces India to the most happening events in and around the country for the urban youth.


Where Chefs Eats :


Where Chefs Eat gives an inside peek into  country best chefs and what they like to eat, setting out  in search of unique outdoor gourmet experiences and gastronomic adventures to be found and made on road.

Binge :


Binge explores authentic food and drinks of the  Indian sub continent –  by going to its grass roots and exploring origins which make for great feasts in their rawest form.


The Duality Project :


The Duality Project explores the free-spirited enterprise and motivation of young of young non-conformists who lead dual existences. While on one hand they pursue careers and vocations as many others do, still on the other hand, they crave and sustain an alternative life fuelled by creativity and passion.

Let’s Talk :


Let’s talk series explores the topical issues relevant to the youth, culture technology through in depth conversations about the serious subjects in the most casual places.

Hobbyist :


About individuals that fill their weekends and holidays with activities & experiences that help them get away from the rat race of a weekly life.

Dance and Fashion

Chemistry :


Exploring contemporary dance forms, the series is  set in  the backdrop of urban locales.

Tribe :


The Tribe introduces some of India’s best young innovators across fashion, style and design whose creations are changing the design and styling landscapes in the country.


New Wave :


New Wave describes India’s homegrown surfers and beachheads.We started this journey at The Shaka Surf club, we go beyond to explore more such locations

Commute :


Commute covers the personal stories of India’s select motor heads who have made custom cars a reality in India.

Under The Rupee :


Under The Rupee is a value based travel series covering countries whose currencies are cheaper than the INR. we did our pilot in Hungary, this time we explore Indonesia.

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