Croatian Innovations


When you think of Croatia, it’s likely a picture of unspoiled Mediterranean islands swimming in turquoise waters, long stretches of beach and succulent seafood. Oh, and if you’re a Game of Thrones fan, the King’s landing, which was primarily shot in the Old Town of Dubrovnik, an ancient city that’s also one of the many […]

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Go for Gold in the Land of the Rising Sun


Whisky, a word that once called to mind Scottish liquid gold, has recently been facing a bit of an identity crisis. It now conjures associations with Japan, whose distinct whiskies are fast gaining favour around the world. This trend, some argue, began with Yamazaki, the award-winning single malt that brought Japanese whisky to the forefront […]

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‘You can never get sick of Japan’


Travelling to a new country comes with its own share of excitement, apprehensions and expectations. For Japan, an eclectic mix of modernity and tradition, there is a lot to know before taking a trip. In conversation with Seher Khan, Sameer Gauhri and Misha Ghose, travellers who have been to Japan, we discussed some idiosyncrasies of […]

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Nature has been a prime subject for photographers, in its abundance of colors, shapes and patterns. With its rich diversity of flora and fauna, the Indian subcontinent houses rare species of animals and plants that attract wildlife photographers from across the globe. In an attempt to freeze hunting patterns, habitats, migration and animal behavior in […]

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Into the Dark We Go


First, The Stillness Fear of the dark is a curious thing. On the surface, it seems as primal as our fear of the unknown. Perhaps because they are related. After all, the dark is the embodiment of the unknown in the physical realm. Even more curious are the select few who leap head-first into the […]

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Travel Stories: A Tale From The Heart of Bali


In early April of 1958, Clifford Geertz —a young American, was at the site of what would make him one of the best-known figures in modern Anthropology – The Balinese cockfight. Traveling with his wife, Hildred (an anthropologist herself), he made an attempt to ingratiate himself with community of a small Balinese village. But to […]

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Behold, A Gentle Giant


Here’s the story of a country that worships its volcanoes. The Ring of Fire. Doesn’t get more imposing than that. Yet, it understates the magnitude of the geological forces that are at play in the region. Much of the world we know today was forged in volcanic crucibles like these. The name, however, is a […]

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Breaking the mould with BBLine


Awe. Sheer, unadulterated awe. There are few emotions that are as good for the body and soul as child-like wonder, and in a world that is easily unimpressed, the ability to inspire awe is revolutionary. Ballooning in Bagan inspires these feelings and so much more. We dare you to return unmoved. Begin at half light. […]

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Mama Burma!


TheVibe’s general guide to the golden lands of Myanmar. Myanmar (still Burma to most) doesn’t hold the place of honour that it deserves in every travellers’ handbook. Often overshadowed by the likes of India and China, or passed over for the easy appeal of beach destinations in South-East Asia, most people stop over in Myanmar […]

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TheVibe’s ambient visual slow punch to the heart. About 400,000 years ago, humans learned to wield mastery over one of the primary elements, fire. This blip in our evolutionary radar radically changed the way we lived. Though the primary influence was on our diets, because we could now cook food, a bigger chain of events […]

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