Experience Seychelles

Experience Seychelles TheVibe Editorial Seychelles, a beautiful archipelago country comprising of 115 islands, is situated on the African side of the Indian Ocean. The Islands were first appropriated and settled by France in the early 18th Century, followed by Britain in the 19th Century. After centuries of European colonial rule and struggle, the country became an independent republic […]

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The natural bounty and beauty of Karnataka has given room for rising opportunities in adventure sports and outdoor activities. With its eclectic mixture of tourists and travellers, myriad interests and vacation ideas can be explored here. With the state’s exploration into adventure sports, mountaineering, parasailing, wildlife tours and island visits are gaining popularity amongst tourists. […]

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With renowned architecture of Hampi, a 320 km coastline in Karavali, the biodiversity in the Western Ghats and the rich grandeur of Mysore, Karnataka is an eclectic hotspot of wonder. Its rich culture, cuisine and clothing attracts global tourists in search of visual abundance, spiritual direction and historical inspiration. Its unique Southern flavor is only […]

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Hippies in Hampi


‘Hippie’ in the urban dictionary is defined as a person who is typically young, believes in peace, is opposed to many of the accepted ideas about how to live, has long hair, and often lives in groups and does nothing. Have you ever been on a holiday and done nothing? If you haven’t, Hampi is the place to be. Hop onto a boat for Rs.20 at Hampi and reach […]

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TheVibe from Everest Base Camp


From the high summit of Kala Patthar at 18,450ft where you will stand face to face with Sagarmatha or Chomolungma – the Goddess of Mother Earth, to the Journey into the famed and spectacular Gokyo Valley. You’ll explore the source of the grand Dudh Koshi River, Gokyo Peak, the sparkling lakes, and the 360 panoramic […]

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11 best treks to do in India

EASY 1) Har Ki Dun Trek Region : Uttarakhand Highest Altitude : 3600 m Often recommended to beginners, Har Ki Dun trek traces the lush green valley of Har Ki Doon, at the base of the Fateh Parvat at an altitude of 3556 m in the Garhwal Himalayas. This is 7 day long trek, If […]

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TheVibe Guides You To Mt. Rinjani


Step 1: Arrange an Exit Tickets on Garuda Indonesia. Cheapest, classiest bet. Head for Lombok. Hiking up a volcano should be an experience, a personal expedition and not an extended vacation. So, we won’t fly in from all over the place. The fly direct option, on a well-positioned day, is about 34 sweet-easies. That’s 34,000 […]

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The Young and Wild Roam The Earth


The Young and Wild Roam The Earth. Yes, but with purpose. Towering above the tropical beaches of Lombok Island is the seat of Indonesia’s Mt Rinjani — the country’s second highest active volcano. An arduous trek across these roaring heights takes you past green savannahs, quicksand swamps, and sulphurous waterfalls; all in an effort to […]

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