A Journey To The Cradle Of Life In Seychelles

A Journey to the Cradle Of Life in Seychelles TheVibe Editorial | BonZour Seychelles Kartik Rao In the year 1859, the recluse traveller and scientist Charles Darwin published The Origins of Species, a scientific treatise that shook the world with its revolutionary idea on the theory of evolution. This large manuscript — a product of many decades […]

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Experience Seychelles

Experience Seychelles TheVibe Editorial Seychelles, a beautiful archipelago country comprising of 115 islands, is situated on the African side of the Indian Ocean. The Islands were first appropriated and settled by France in the early 18th Century, followed by Britain in the 19th Century. After centuries of European colonial rule and struggle, the country became an independent republic […]

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Cruise Culture


The enormous sea, the breathtaking marine world, the hues of the horizon- they never fail to leave an impact on one’s mind. With the vast coastline of India stretching along three seas, there is no dearth of cruising options if one wishes to spend their time amidst the infinite blue sea. Cruising not only redefines […]

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Alpha, Omega, Kalizma


They tell you that life is to be lived for those simple joys. That the little things are what matter; a dinner with your family and friends, a walk on the beach with that special someone or even just falling asleep under a starlit sky. You know what? They’re right. But who said that good […]

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Pearls on a Canvas of Blue


Pristine white beaches, alongside waters that range from light greens to electric blues, and fiery red sunsets that set the skies ablaze. No one would blame you for calling the Seychelles a tropical paradise; it might be the closest to heaven a person could get. This constellation of 115 iridescent islands lies strewn in the […]

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