Women & Wheels: India’s Female Biker Clubs

Motorbiking — to date seen as a testosterone-fueled manly pursuit, is getting a much-wanted makeover. A leather-clad, high-speed, gender revolution on wheels — India’s all-women biker clubs — is rapidly gaining popularity in India. Scores of women in India are breaking gender stereotypes and taking on the open road, crushing social barriers as they hop on […]

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POETRY ON WHEELS: Meet The Duo Running India’s First Travelling Poetry Library & Bookstore

POETRY ON WHEELS: Meet The Duo Running India’s First Travelling Poetry Library & Bookstore SPOTLIGHT | POEMS ON THE ROAD Himani Gupta Poetry speaks a language that strikes chords and fuels imaginations. In the words of the literary giant William Wordsworth,” Poetry is the spontaneous overflow of powerful feelings.” Now imagine, if poems literally travelled, before ensnaring you in their delight! Yes! India’s got its […]

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The Jammin Global Playlist


You’re out on the road. Miles of it stretches before you. Time has begun to lose all meaning. Maybe you’re lost, or perhaps, you have nowhere to go. You’re adrift in a sea of landscapes, but as beautiful as they are, something still doesn’t sit right. You’re not at peace, but you aren’t ill at […]

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