Pedaling Down India’s Premier Cycling Trails


Nothing comes close to the thrill of being on a bike. Pedaling through uneven terrain with the wind cooling on your sweaty brow, as the world rushes by in a haze of colour. Your muscles beat against the frame of your bicycle, as your environment melts away in a blur of distorted white noise. Nothing […]

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The rapidly growing motor biking culture in India


THE FINAL STORY For the most part in India, bikes are the cheapest form of fuel-driven transport one can own. It’s the force of sustenance, the two-wheeled approach to the mundane. The roads glisten with families piled one on top of each other, making their way through the grind, giving the world direct access to […]

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The Rider within


He quite articulately describes the difference between a Sports Bike and a Cruiser – while a sports-bike is a bit of a “crotch-rocket”, a cruiser is more up his alley. He’s the kind of a guy who when travels, absorbs experiences and adventures along with the wind that blows through his Robinson Crusoe beard. Who […]

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Meet The Man Who Sold Everything He Owned To Ride Around The World


Everyone has that one moment of reckoning – a moment that sets the course for life as you know it, and nothing is ever the same after it. For Atul Warrier, that moment was when he saw his brother lying in the ICU on a ventilator, his life flashing before his eyes. The uncertainty and […]

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Recall of Instincts


“It was June 2012 and we were on our way back from Madikeri, Coorg. It was pouring and the curves were weaving a tempestuous dance out of me. I leaned into another turn and everything blanked out. Everything was in flashes after that. Open eyes… faces around me. Open them again… Doctors talking. Open again… […]

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The 23-year old who is riding around the world


Anyone with gasoline  racing through their veins knows this to be a verified fact of life – there is nothing that compares to the feeling of hearing your engine rev to life opening up endless possibility of adventure waiting just on the other side of the bend. And so it was with Rohith Subramanian, the 23-year […]

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Not Until You Catch That Horizon


There are undoubtedly a lot of upsides to long distance biking journeys. Unexplored roads and unforgettable vistas can give birth to unyielding memories. But not everything on the road is smiles and sunshine. Every good traveller knows this. They know that great journeys come at a cost, and not all of it financial. You may […]

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Send It Upwards: Highlights of the Journey

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This week, TheVibe continues its interview with The Standard Images Co. about their journey through the Himalayas. Over the course of 43 days, they travelled across magical landscapes that many have seen, but few have saved for posterity. Thus, Send It Upwards was born – a comprehensive, visual motorcycle documentary determined to record the beauty […]

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For the Journey is Long, and the Roads are Winding


You’ve seen the postcards. You’ve had a taste of The Standard Images Co.’s brilliance, and now you’re thinking about what it took to craft such visually striking stories. Well, it doesn’t come easy. Luckily for you, TheVibe was on hand to ask Arjun, Nishant and Ravikiran about what they needed to prepare to translate their […]

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