The Inglorious Road To Extinction: How pangolins have become the world’s most trafficked mammal

  The Inglorious Road To Extinction: How the adorable pangolin has become the world’s most trafficked mammal WILDLIFE & CONSERVATION | PANGOLINS TheVibe Editorial Humanity has taken a severe toll on the survival of other species over the years. Rapid urbanisation, changing dietary habits and general human apathy have wreaked havoc on life in the land, […]

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MEET ANNE MATHIAS: THE FIRST WOMAN TO SCALE THE WINTER ALPINE ASCENT OF STOK KANGRI SPOTLIGHT | ANNE MATHIAS Himani Gupta Humans have always desired to push their limits and test their capabilities. They put persistent efforts to keep getting better. Anne Mathias similarly took to Alpine style climbing to challenge her own limits. On 14th […]

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Land of the Lamas


Nestled at the foothills of the Great Himalayas, Ladakh is a traveler’s paradise. With an eclectic mix of geographic abundance, people from all backgrounds and endless opportunities for adventure, it is a jewel on the crown of India. From the aqua blue waters of the Pangong lake, the serenity of the Lamayuru monastery and the […]

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Way Back Home ~ Not just a Himalayan Travelogue!


As a Himachali boy, hailing from a little known village of Tholong in Lahaul Valley, who was born and raised in Manali, and completed his High School in Mussoorie – the presence of the mountains in my childhood and nascent adulthood, though powerful, was plagued with a constant sense of abandonment and change! After school, […]

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Send It Upwards: Highlights of the Journey

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This week, TheVibe continues its interview with The Standard Images Co. about their journey through the Himalayas. Over the course of 43 days, they travelled across magical landscapes that many have seen, but few have saved for posterity. Thus, Send It Upwards was born – a comprehensive, visual motorcycle documentary determined to record the beauty […]

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Send It,Upwards


Draped across the shoulders of our nation lie the Himalayas. Born when tectonic plates collided with each other millions of years ago, the Himalayas have always been the object of fascination. Home to some incredibly unique cultures and landscapes, they remain our sentinels to the north, acting as a natural border to the Indian subcontinent. […]

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