Delectable Deliveries: Sage, Olio, & Everything in Between with Amal Farooque


Amal Farooque of Sage & Olio is a businesswoman, entrepreneur, and for a lot of us locked away at home, has been a fairy godmother of authentic Korean flavours. Born and bred in Dubai, Amal’s childhood was spent making trips to local farmers markets, and fish and meat markets with her father by her side. […]

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Chefs Eat Out with Anand Morwani


As the old adage goes, the road to the heart begins in the stomach, and no one knows that better than the culinary artistes of the world. We get talking with Anand Morwani, head chef and co-founder of Mumbai’s much-beloved microbrewery, Brewbot, for our latest edition of Chefs Eat Out, a digital series that will […]

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Humans of Food: Makin’ Bacon with Roycin D’souza


Taste defines culture. Food, just like myths and stories and ancient heirlooms, are gems passed down to us from our ancestors. From the banana-leaf-wrapped goodness of the South to the meaty, seasoned curries of the North, India’s many diverse cultural lines are easily distinguished from one another by the foods they call their own. More […]

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Food Delivery Services and COVID-19: Everything You Need to Know


The outbreak of the Novel Coronavirus has taken the world by storm, sparking major concerns amongst consumers and citizens of the world. Being a new disease, there is still much research to be conducted into its transmission, and its ability to survive on a variety of surfaces. Amid all of the uncertainty surrounding the disease, […]

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Local Indian Liquors That Offer A Uniquely Desi Kick!

The adventurous traveler takes pride in the exploration of the unknown. From exotic locations in unpronounceable parts of the world to curious and disarmingly delightful local cuisine, the avid traveler has tried it all. So why should alcohol be any different? From the Soma of the Gods to Lord Shiva’s elixir of choice, India’s love […]

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The Mark of Excellence: The History and Legacy of the Michelin Star

The most coveted of laurels for chefs and restaurants alike, the Michelin Star is a mark of excellence recognised world-over. The hallmark for fine dining, when restaurants are awarded one Michelin star, it is a sign that the chef is one who has succeeded at the highest level. Two stars, and the restaurant is probably […]

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Pass the pasta: Tracing pasta shapes


Picture yourself twirling your fork through perfectly cooked strands of spaghetti, with the tanginess of the tomato sauce and seasoning hitting soprano as you take the first bite in. The next bite brings in more twirls, more pasta. By the time you dig your fork for the third time, all the remaining strands seem like […]

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Towering bites of binge: The biggest burgers in India!

Once upon a time, there were two buns. They felt lonely, and life seemed to be quite dry. They decided to meat and got all saucy. And voila! The burger was born. But the story doesn’t end there. A bunch of crunchy green leaves thronged and pleaded, “Lettuce in too!” Along came tomatoes and onions, […]

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