Expert Pick: Seven Films You Have Got To Watch.


In filtering the best content out there, TheVibe presents expert filmmaker Will Lascelles’s top recommendations for adventure films. 1. Into The Mind – Sherpas Cinema Into the mind is the story of rising to the ultimate challenge. It is a look into the mind of a common skier attempting to climb and ski the ultimate […]

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Sneak peek into Will’s Backpack.

  The RED Epic Dragon (camera) is my work horse. It has everything I need in a camera, including 6k, high frame rates, beautiful color and dynamic range… It can be a little heavy, but so worth it.  I use EF lenses and normally have a 24-70mm and 70-200mm in the bag a the very […]

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‘We live in a time when technology and equipment are helping us be more efficient and nimble, allowing those with the right spirit and eye to compete with much bigger production houses’- Will Lascelles With the increase of accessible multimedia platforms, individual filmmakers are at par with major production houses in creating visually stunning content. […]

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