Women & Wheels: India’s Female Biker Clubs

Motorbiking — to date seen as a testosterone-fueled manly pursuit, is getting a much-wanted makeover. A leather-clad, high-speed, gender revolution on wheels — India’s all-women biker clubs — is rapidly gaining popularity in India. Scores of women in India are breaking gender stereotypes and taking on the open road, crushing social barriers as they hop on […]

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Pedaling Down India’s Premier Cycling Trails


Nothing comes close to the thrill of being on a bike. Pedaling through uneven terrain with the wind cooling on your sweaty brow, as the world rushes by in a haze of colour. Your muscles beat against the frame of your bicycle, as your environment melts away in a blur of distorted white noise. Nothing […]

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Send It,Upwards


Draped across the shoulders of our nation lie the Himalayas. Born when tectonic plates collided with each other millions of years ago, the Himalayas have always been the object of fascination. Home to some incredibly unique cultures and landscapes, they remain our sentinels to the north, acting as a natural border to the Indian subcontinent. […]

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The Jammin Global Playlist


You’re out on the road. Miles of it stretches before you. Time has begun to lose all meaning. Maybe you’re lost, or perhaps, you have nowhere to go. You’re adrift in a sea of landscapes, but as beautiful as they are, something still doesn’t sit right. You’re not at peace, but you aren’t ill at […]

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