TheVibe’s Lockdown Music Roundup


The nationwide lockdown announced on the 24th of March, 2020, in the face of the Novel Coronavirus outbreak has seen millions of Indians locked away at home for almost two months. This period of stillness has seen amateur cooks turned chefs, fitness enthusiasts in the guise of personal trainers, and millions upon millions of Indians […]

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Seasonal Affected Beats: An Experiment in Vulnerability with Tarun Balani


In the year 2016, an apocalyptic smog engulfed our nation’s capital city. All around, people took to the streets clad in protective masks, while others, too afraid to venture outside, stayed shut in and stared out of their windows at the gloom which had all but smothered the city. Celebrated jazz drummer and composer, Tarun […]

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Aesthetic Kunjamma: Creativity & Collaboration in the Age of Isolation


A land of many cultures, India is the breeding grounds for creative spirits, who are driven by an intrinsic need to create, and to inspire. Even while the country as a whole is sequestered away into their homes in an attempt to arrest the spread of the Novel Coronavirus, our nation’s creative minds burn with […]

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Raaja Beats: In Conversation with MALFNKTION & RAKA


The current socio-political climate has seen the citizens of the world locking their doors to the outside in the face of the Covid-19 pandemic. An unlikely side effect of this self-enforced isolation has been the wave of creative collaborations and projects undertaken by our nation’s artists and thinkers, who are using this period of stillness […]

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Age of Limbo – In Conversation with Singer-Songwriter Maalavika Manoj


All around the world, humanity exists in a state of purgatory, a time of in-betweens with an uncertain future looming on the distant horizon. In this new world, the old rules vanish like voices on the wind, and the new ones exist in a temporary space, where nothing is concrete, and nothing is certain. We […]

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Here’s How to Get Your Culture Fix During Covid-19 Shutdown


While the coronavirus pandemic has stopped normal life dead in its tracks all over the world, and forced us all indoors, a whole host of online events, classes, virtual travel experiences and museums have opened up a treasure trove of escapes to keep up with the best of quarantine lifestyles. These are just a few […]

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Isolation and Resistance: Art in the Age of Quarantine

    The era of fear and panic is nigh, and art may be our only salvation. The recent announcement of Covid-19 as a global pandemic has taken the world by storm. As the panic spreads, citizens all over the globe have locked their doors and shut themselves in, bracing for a long, uncertain period […]

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Brazilian Street Art – A Photoessay by Ankita Kumar of Monkey Inc.

Art is a mirror to society, reflective of the culture of the times in which we live. A form of expression that makes no distinction between age, religion, gender, caste or ethnicity, history has played witness to a multitude of artists from across the board, taking to the streets and turning their cities and towns […]

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The Art of Citizenry: The Art from Politics

Courtesy: Deepak Ramarao

In a world where rules confine, art liberates. The sole creative expression breeding among an artist is what sets him apart. At the same time, there’s a connection that binds everyone with their feet firmly on the planet’s ground. The art of politics is a country of a few, but art from politics spells a world […]

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