India’s Regressive Policies on Transgender Rights


– Samarah Mamaji The transgender rights movement in India has had a rather rocky trajectory.  The 2014  Indian supreme court judgement, the NALSA judgement, that recognised transgender as a third gender for the first time, was a major impetus to the creation of codified rights for the transgender community. The government in 2016 introduced its […]

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Veditum: Meet the Activist who is Documenting India’s Rivers — Siddharth Agarwal

The rivers of India play an important role in the lives of its people. Yet, these rivers face threats unlike any before. One young activist named Siddharth Agarwal is on a mission to document these Indian rivers with his not-for-profit initiative Veditum (meaning ‘to understand’ in Sanskrit) by walking along the banks of these rivers, and this is his story.

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The Bold & the Boulder: In Conversation with Athlete and Wildlife Rescuer Tuhin Satarkar


India’s top rock climber and bouldering athlete, Tuhin Satarkar has made waves in the athletic community for his unbelievable feats of human endurance. Making headlines for successfully scaling three routes in the treacherous Sahayadri mountain range over a span of four days, Tuhin earned the title of the first Indian to have ever achieved the feat […]

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KORONA: In Conversation with Animation Filmmaker Debjyoti Saha

We live in defining times. Times of staying indoors, of streaming news, of opinionated beings, of misinformation, of information overload. With regular life seemingly halted, many of us are either binge watching or turning on the news to stay updated about life outside. A pandemic rages outside and a war is being waged globally to […]

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The Art of Citizenry: The Art from Politics

Courtesy: Deepak Ramarao

In a world where rules confine, art liberates. The sole creative expression breeding among an artist is what sets him apart. At the same time, there’s a connection that binds everyone with their feet firmly on the planet’s ground. The art of politics is a country of a few, but art from politics spells a world […]

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The Citizenship (Amendment) Act, 2019: A Primer

As tension peaks all over the nation in response to the supremely controversial Citizenship Amendment Act, and the country wears shattered glasses, tear gases and crackdowns, indifference tags along more perils than inaction. In a country renowned for diversity and inclusivity, the Act has brought along tremors throughout. Here’s a lay down of what it […]

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A Living Fear: Eco-Anxiety

As a notification on her phone pops, 22-year-old Diya’s (name changed) face undergoes a triggered change. A perilous domino of thoughts inflict her mind, and she says in a muffled, worrisome tone, “What if I can’t make it? Am I too privileged? Will I die soon? Drowning? Why do I keep on picturing myself like […]

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She Summits 2019

The coastal seaport city of Vancouver, Canada has a reputation for being the ideal spot for adventure sporting activities. Whether it’s surfing, sailing, skiing, snowboarding, hiking, mountain biking or climbing, the city of Vancouver has got it all. Earlier this month, this vibrant city of thrill and adventure played host to the She Summits festival, […]

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Fridays for Future

Thousands of Indians, both children and adults, came out responding to the Climate Strike held between the 20th and 27th September. Here’s the ground report.

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