As India enters the last week of the 40-day lockdown, the big question on everyone’s minds is whether India is ready to end this extended lockdown on May 3. And the reason why this doubt persists is an important one. While the average increase in coronavirus positive cases during the pre-lockdown period stood at 20%, […]

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A Textbook for Tennis Nostalgia: An Ode to Tennis by Sumedh Natu


Guest writer Sumedh Natu of Buzzfeed and Shotgun Media is a video producer with a deep love for the sport of tennis, one which is inextricably intertwined with his childhood memories of his late father. The cancellation of the 2020 Wimbledon came as a devastating shock to fans across the world, who yearned to see […]

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Humans of Food: Makin’ Bacon with Roycin D’souza


Taste defines culture. Food, just like myths and stories and ancient heirlooms, are gems passed down to us from our ancestors. From the banana-leaf-wrapped goodness of the South to the meaty, seasoned curries of the North, India’s many diverse cultural lines are easily distinguished from one another by the foods they call their own. More […]

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Crushing it with Arjun Motha — Workshop on Calisthenics 101


For many of us fitness is a hard thing to manage what with hectic schedules and expensive gym memberships, but tribesman Arjun Motha who runs the wonderful wellness retreat in the deep south of India, these are just excuses. Here’s the profile of the man for whom ‘body is my temple’ is not just an adage, but a hard sought religion.

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KORONA: In Conversation with Animation Filmmaker Debjyoti Saha

We live in defining times. Times of staying indoors, of streaming news, of opinionated beings, of misinformation, of information overload. With regular life seemingly halted, many of us are either binge watching or turning on the news to stay updated about life outside. A pandemic rages outside and a war is being waged globally to […]

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Here’s How to Get Your Culture Fix During Covid-19 Shutdown


While the coronavirus pandemic has stopped normal life dead in its tracks all over the world, and forced us all indoors, a whole host of online events, classes, virtual travel experiences and museums have opened up a treasure trove of escapes to keep up with the best of quarantine lifestyles. These are just a few […]

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Food Delivery Services and COVID-19: Everything You Need to Know


The outbreak of the Novel Coronavirus has taken the world by storm, sparking major concerns amongst consumers and citizens of the world. Being a new disease, there is still much research to be conducted into its transmission, and its ability to survive on a variety of surfaces. Amid all of the uncertainty surrounding the disease, […]

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Trailblazers: Trail Running in India

The Indian sub-continent boasts diverse, varied and often opposing geological conditions. From the snowy mountains of the North to the deserts of the West, from the forested South to the coastal beaches that surround us, India is a cornucopia of natural pleasures. In this nation of plenty, a movement is born. A community of explorers, […]

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