Pearls on a Canvas of Blue


Pristine white beaches, alongside waters that range from light greens to electric blues, and fiery red sunsets that set the skies ablaze. No one would blame you for calling the Seychelles a tropical paradise; it might be the closest to heaven a person could get. This constellation of 115 iridescent islands lies strewn in the […]

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The Wavechaser and the Waterman


Now that you’ve had an introduction to the history and splendor of The Kalizma, it is only fair that you meet your guides on this ocean adventure. We searched high and low for people who had held a deep respect for the oceans, people who know the ins and outs of real travel, and would […]

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The Kalizma: Luxury in the Sea


What is the first thing that comes to mind when you hear the word ‘luxury’? To some, it is as simple as watching a sunset while waves lap gently at their feet. Others prefer the weight of a finely crafted watch perched upon their wrists. Hard to define, isn’t it? On top of this, objects […]

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Want to go the distance? These bikes will get you there.


The world of motorbikes is vibrant and fascinating. There’s bikes that can handle rough terrain and those that can glide over sleet and snow. Then there’s bikes that make you feel like you’re testing the limits of speed itself. But cross continent biking is a game that can toss toughest contenders straight out the ring. […]

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Freedom is Born between the Wheel and the Road


Imagine, for a second, that you weren’t bound by the life that you have now. Imagine that the only masters to whom you answered were the elements, and your sole companion was the motorcycle beneath you. Sunny days are transformed into starlit nights while you travel across lush river basins, and thick jungle roads on […]

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Jay Kannaiyan: Reclaiming the Spirit of Adventure


Humanity resembles its ancient ancestors in many ways, but none so striking than in our enduring desire for movement. This desire to push boundaries, physical or otherwise, is at the very core of our being. For generations, it has fueled our creativity, and our spirit of inquiry. At a certain age, all games are exercises […]

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Flavours of Thailand: A Taste of Issan


Fiery, gritty, honest, simple and yet complex — this is the essence of the Issan people. You can hear it in their music, the Mor Lam; songs of love, loss and homes left behind. You can see it in their architecture. Most of all, you can taste it in their food. The Issan region occupies […]

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TheVibe’s 7 must-see caves of Thailand


1. Tham Khao Luang   Thailand is home to some exquisite cave temples and the Tham Khao Luang is at the top of the list. It was converted into a temple by King Rama V, to honour his predecessors. The highlight of the cave is the 13 foot and 15 foot high buddha statues, each […]

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Into the Dark We Go


First, The Stillness Fear of the dark is a curious thing. On the surface, it seems as primal as our fear of the unknown. Perhaps because they are related. After all, the dark is the embodiment of the unknown in the physical realm. Even more curious are the select few who leap head-first into the […]

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Travel Stories: A Tale From The Heart of Bali


In early April of 1958, Clifford Geertz —a young American, was at the site of what would make him one of the best-known figures in modern Anthropology – The Balinese cockfight. Traveling with his wife, Hildred (an anthropologist herself), he made an attempt to ingratiate himself with community of a small Balinese village. But to […]

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