The Nenets are an indigenous people inhabiting northwestern Russia. Descendants of people inhabiting Siberia, they are reindeer pastoralists, fishermen and hunters of the tundra. Vijesh Kumar Raju – a photographer based out of Munich, along with his friend Navak Gupta visited the Nenets as a part of their personal project to connect with the reindeer […]

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Wildlife Elemental

Aishwarya Sridhar is a wildlife photographer, passionate conservationist and filmmaker based out of Mumbai. All of 22 years, she is the youngest person to have been awarded the  Sanctuary Asia’s Young Naturalist Award aged 15. Her debut documentary Panje – The Last Wetland was instrumental in saving the last remaining wetland in Uran  after a Bombay High […]

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Way Back Home ~ Not just a Himalayan Travelogue!


As a Himachali boy, hailing from a little known village of Tholong in Lahaul Valley, who was born and raised in Manali, and completed his High School in Mussoorie – the presence of the mountains in my childhood and nascent adulthood, though powerful, was plagued with a constant sense of abandonment and change! After school, […]

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“When we found surfing, we found everything we needed in life. Everything else that came our way was just a bonus for us! As long as we can surf everyday, we’re stoked for life!”

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