Sneak peek into Will’s Backpack.

  The RED Epic Dragon (camera) is my work horse. It has everything I need in a camera, including 6k, high frame rates, beautiful color and dynamic range… It can be a little heavy, but so worth it.  I use EF lenses and normally have a 24-70mm and 70-200mm in the bag a the very […]

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‘We live in a time when technology and equipment are helping us be more efficient and nimble, allowing those with the right spirit and eye to compete with much bigger production houses’- Will Lascelles With the increase of accessible multimedia platforms, individual filmmakers are at par with major production houses in creating visually stunning content. […]

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With the advent of alternative music gaining momentum in the Indian market, the commercial room to introduce newer global music is increasing. As curators of niche artists from all over the world, TheVibe explores an eclectic mix of artists from different genres and origins, establishing a central space for all kinds of quality music. In […]

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