The ultimate destination for beaches, parties and natural beauty, Croatia is a traveller’s paradise. Blessed with idyllic islands, natural wonders and perfect weather year-round, it is one of Europe’s most popular destinations. Bountiful in architectural wonders and natural gifts, it epitomizes our search for quaint foreign towns and hidden spaces, tucked away in the heart […]

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Croatian Innovations


When you think of Croatia, it’s likely a picture of unspoiled Mediterranean islands swimming in turquoise waters, long stretches of beach and succulent seafood. Oh, and if you’re a Game of Thrones fan, the King’s landing, which was primarily shot in the Old Town of Dubrovnik, an ancient city that’s also one of the many […]

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Go for Gold in the Land of the Rising Sun


Whisky, a word that once called to mind Scottish liquid gold, has recently been facing a bit of an identity crisis. It now conjures associations with Japan, whose distinct whiskies are fast gaining favour around the world. This trend, some argue, began with Yamazaki, the award-winning single malt that brought Japanese whisky to the forefront […]

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‘You can never get sick of Japan’


Travelling to a new country comes with its own share of excitement, apprehensions and expectations. For Japan, an eclectic mix of modernity and tradition, there is a lot to know before taking a trip. In conversation with Seher Khan, Sameer Gauhri and Misha Ghose, travellers who have been to Japan, we discussed some idiosyncrasies of […]

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Wildlife Photography 101


  A camera: A good DSLR is a primary requirement, preferably full frame cameras with atleast 1080p video quality minimum. It must have the ability to take photos in burst mode with high shutter speeds using available light to freeze an action. If you are shooting in low light (e.g.birds in foliage), this also implies that […]

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Wildlife photography goes beyond just shooting portraits of animals; it’s about depicting their behavior, habitat and ecosystem. For amateurs, the unexpected nature of wildlife and lack of experience can make it challenging to approach photography and capture images. To deconstruct the basics of wildlife photography and the correct approach to shooting in the forest, prominent […]

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Nature has been a prime subject for photographers, in its abundance of colors, shapes and patterns. With its rich diversity of flora and fauna, the Indian subcontinent houses rare species of animals and plants that attract wildlife photographers from across the globe. In an attempt to freeze hunting patterns, habitats, migration and animal behavior in […]

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