The ramps for two shoes

The moment I came across this article for my debut with TheVibe, I knew who I had an approach. I met Saba. I happened to bump into her in the streets of Dharavi in 2015, 16 then, she was such a shining sparkle. In the patriarchy that prevails where she’s brought up, she dared to […]

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Infinite Moves


Skateboarding in India has been around as a leisure activity to be pursued, but in the last decade there has been whole new support ecosystem come in place to  rescue  the culture making it a lifestyle for younger folks who are interested in perusing it. We at TheVibe are celebrating the same with a Skateboarding […]

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Alpha, Omega, Kalizma


They tell you that life is to be lived for those simple joys. That the little things are what matter; a dinner with your family and friends, a walk on the beach with that special someone or even just falling asleep under a starlit sky. You know what? They’re right. But who said that good […]

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Pearls on a Canvas of Blue


Pristine white beaches, alongside waters that range from light greens to electric blues, and fiery red sunsets that set the skies ablaze. No one would blame you for calling the Seychelles a tropical paradise; it might be the closest to heaven a person could get. This constellation of 115 iridescent islands lies strewn in the […]

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The Wavechaser and the Waterman


Now that you’ve had an introduction to the history and splendor of The Kalizma, it is only fair that you meet your guides on this ocean adventure. We searched high and low for people who had held a deep respect for the oceans, people who know the ins and outs of real travel, and would […]

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